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101 Ways To Show Yourself Some Self Love


There are so many ways to show yourself some self love, and you need and deserve it.

  1. Go to sleep an hour earlier.
  2. Call a friend. Accept the love and support around you.
  3. Eat a warm lunch. And sit down. With utensils. Not driving, not talking on the phone. But a meal, at a table.
  4. Turn off your cell phone at night. Give yourself some space to breathe.
  5. Experiment with new foods. Like spaghetti squash instead of white pasta.
  6. Go on a day trip. You don’t need to go on a week vacation to another country to invite in adventure. Grab a friend, get in the car, and drive to a beautiful hiking spot or new town nearby. Wander, explore, get lost.
  7. Buy yourself something new to wear. Do what it takes to feel sexy and confident in your clothing.
  8. Take yourself out to dinner. And not to the drive through, go have a three course dinner with a glass of wine. Splurge on YOURSELF.
  9. Ask for help.
  10. Volunteer and donate your time to a cause you believe in.
  11. Take a nap.
  12. Take a bath. Bubbles and a glass of wine always helps.
  13. Write a letter to someone you love.
  14. Breathe. Stop in the middle of your day, become aware of your breath, and take three long inhales and exhales. Use this as an anchor to reset whenever you need.
  15. For one day, just check email once a day. (If you can do this for more than one day, please let me know how!)
  16. Get a cushion for your chair. If you sit at a desk all day, make it the most gloriously comfortable chair you have ever sat in.
  17. Get a haircut.
  18. Hire a coach. Life coach, health coach, business coach, ask for the support you need.
  19. Get an accountability partner.
  20. Clean up your inbox. Delete everything that you are not currently using/working on and archive the others for future reference. Clean up that energetic space.
  21. Get a babysitter.
  22. Buy the good chocolate. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it tastes better and it will satisfy your cravings and not have you aching for more. Winning.
  23. Walk instead of drive.
  24. Drink a green juice.
  25. Attend a workshop. Find what calls you and seek out a mentor, group, or workshop where you can immerse yourself and learn more. Dive into what inspires you.
  26. Put fruit slices in your water. Every sip of water can feel like you are at the spa.
  27. Take a yoga class.
  28. Take a meditation class.
  29. Say what you really want to say when you want to say it.
  30. Know when to say no. And then say, no.
  31. Get an oil diffuser in your bedroom. Just yesterday a friend and client was telling me how she had the best night of sleep she’s had in months after using an essential oil diffuser.
  32. Smile.
  33. Have a mid-day dance party.
  34. Sing when no one is looking, or when they are too.
  35. Clean your room.
  36. Create a to-do list each morning. And cross out the items when you have accomplished them.
  37. Watch your favorite movie from growing up. Most likely it will be a cartoon. When was the last time you watched a cartoon?
  38. Organize your closet.
  39. Give someone a compliment. What goes around comes around, and when you share love and joy with others, you expand that energy for yourself.
  40. Stand barefoot in the grass. This is a scientifically proven thing – it’s called Earthing. Google it.
  41. Unfollow people on social media who spread negativity. You don’t have to let that into your space and into your life.
  42. Journal for five minutes at the end of the day.  
  43. Meditate before bed. 
  44. Meditate every morning.
  45. Start, and keep, a Gratitude Journal. Have one designated journal as a sacred place to document all you are grateful for. Take five minutes in the morning and evening to connect with the light and joy in your life.
  46. Do morning affirmations. Create two powerful “I Am” statements and say them every single morning (I Am Joy, I Am Love, I Am Confident, I Am Powerful, I Am Abundant).
  47. Pick up a new hobby. Painting, cooking, kayaking, bird watching, you name it.
  48. Give yourself at least an hour in the morning before you go to work or the kids get up. (Yes, this might mean you get up while it’s still dark but refer to practice # 1.)
  49. Take an Epsom salt and baking soda bath. Two cups Epsom salt with one cup baking soda, and soak for twenty minutes.
  50. Light some candles. And not the cheap, toxic kind.  To keep your body and home healthy, reach for the candles made out of beeswax.  They are pure and burn clean. 
  51. Use a face mask.  
  52. Go see a movie, in the middle of the day, by yourself.
  53. Let go of resentment. It only hurts you.
  54. Treat yourself with kindness. Treat yourself the way you would treat your lover.
  55. Go to the beach. The ocean is healing.
  56. Drink organic red wine. Not that I’m telling you to drink if you don’t. But if you drink wine, grab the organic, sulfite-free wine. Just as delicious and your body will thank you the next day.
  57. Take a cooking class.
  58. Forget the alarm clock. Sleep in and allow your body to wake up when it feels good and ready to wake up.
  59. Buy some new supplies. If you are a chef, an artist, a musician, a mother, entrepreneur, whatever it may be, have what you need on hand to be your most creative, expressed self.
  60. Say “I love you” to yourself. Sit with yourself at least once per day and say over and over and over again silently or aloud “I love you” with your hand on your heart.
  61. Get a massage.
  62. Be by yourself. To read, nap, play with your dog, etc. Time alone is essential.
  63. Learn how to make a green smoothie.  
  64. Buy yourself a Vitamix. This will change your smoothie and culinary world forever.
  65. Buy a coloring book & crayons.
  66. Forgive yourself.
  67. Write down all the things you love about yourself and then say them out loud when you need a reminder. 
  68. Slow down. Remember to have patience with yourself. 
  69. Connect with the divine treasures of nature. The sky, the trees, the flowers, the birds. This helps you remember the sacred in all the seasons of your life.
  70. Take a “me” day.
  71. Bake something delicious.
  72. Work out. Move and release the energy that does not serve you and create the space for something new.
  73. Think of someone in your life who you admire and are grateful for. Write them a thank you note and list all of the wonderful things they do/or represent in your life. Then cross out their name and write in your own name and read it back to yourself! We often share similar qualities of the people we tend to admire or gravitate to but sometimes have a harder time recognizing ourself in this same light.
  74. Take a look in the mirror and spend one minute looking yourself in the eyes. 
  75. Do a back bend every day. Open up your heart center and bring breath into your body after a long day of sitting.
  76. Get a pedicure.
  77. Say three things you are grateful for every day.
  78. Give yourself time to unwind at the end of the night. I have a red lamp in my bedroom that I use as my reminder. When the light goes on, technology goes away and it’s time to start settling for the night.
  79. Try a new book. If you always read personal growth books, try out a fantasy book. If you always read fiction, try reading something you want to learn more about.
  80. Get a plant in the space you spend the most time in. Bring life into your surroundings.
  81. Sexually express yourself. Alone or with a partner.
  82. Take a walk through the park.
  83. Splurge and buy the soft tissues and toilet paper. This may be the best act of self-care!
  84. Play a board game.
  85. Buy a salt lamp for your house. They cleanse the air, assist with better sleep, and create gorgeous light and ambiance.
  86. After a shower or bath, give your self a coconut oil massage. Or ask your partner for one.
  87. Visit a fancy hotel in your town and hang out at the pool or spa for the day. Staycation.
  88. Create a vision board. Use this as a visual representation for what you want to create in your life.
  89. Make homemade dessert. Skip the processed sweets, you can have treats and still support your health.
  90. Make a list of your accomplishments and victories. Use this as a reminder when you feel disconnected from your brilliance.
  91. Turn off your phone at night. When you go to sleep, actually shut down and use a good old fashioned alarm clock if you need one.
  92. Eat a solid breakfast. Include a source of protein, fat, and greens in your breakfast to create a foundation for your blood sugar and energy for the day.
  93. Choose water instead of soda or juice. Drinking enough water supports healthy elimination, steady energy, and glowing skin. Your body will thank you.
  94. Read “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.
  95. Wear comfortable clothes. Take vanity out of it and wear what feels sweet and kind on your body.
  96. Buy yourself fresh flowers for your home or office.
  97. Using loving language in the quiet of your mind. Most of us say things to ourselves we would never say to someone we love. Monitor your thoughts and gently choose again when you are being unkind to yourself.
  98. Eat something green with each meal. Steam some broccoli, add spinach to your smoothie, order a salad, or grab a juice on the go.
  99. Take sunshine breaks. Stop what you’re doing and go outside to soak up sunshine and breath fresh air several times throughout your day.
  100. Remember you don’t have to do it all on your own. Support and love is all around you if you are willing to accept it.
  101. Spread love. To yourself, to others, to the cashier at the grocery store, to your family, and strangers on the street. This can be done simply through eye contact, a hello, a smile, and simple acknowledgement. We are all in this together.

If you know someone else who could use some more self love and self care, send this to them. Let’s spread the message far and wide.

Here’s to the daily commitment of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit in the most simple of ways!

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