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Four Tools That Will Make Your At-Home Workout Better Than A Gym Visit

An at-home workout will save you time and money—and get you just as fit. If you have the right tools, that is.

Having access to a full gym is fantastic. The equipment! The trainers! The clean towels! But many of us don’t have access to a gym, whether it is due to the cost of the membership or the length of time it takes to get to and from the facility. Enter the at-home work out, which truth be told, may be even better than that gym visit: You can’t beat the price tag or the commute. You can wear whatever you want, and blast any music you like. Win, win. Here, a few essentials to make sure your workout at home is just as effective as it would be in a gym.

1. Foam Roller Foam rollers are a key tool here, as they help roll out tight muscles and relieve tension before and after a workout.

roll it out
Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller
... with free online instructional videos.

2. Kettle Bell A kettlebell is fairly versatile, and a less expensive option than dumbbells. Start with a moderately heavy weight for your practice, approximately 10-15 pounds for a beginner, 20-25 pounds for intermediate, and heavier if you’re more advanced. Entire workouts can be performed with just a kettlebell in hand, so it’s well worth it!

tone it up
CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettlebell
Strength: anywhere, anytime

3. Pull-Up Bar The majority of society spends much of their day sitting, and with that comes slumped shoulders, a tight chest and/or upper back muscles, which can predispose people to injuries when they begin to exercise. Avoid this by grabbing a pull-up bar that hangs in a doorway in your home, and make a habit of doing a hang whenever you go to the bathroom or a pull up everytime you walk into your bedroom. Have fun with it, and know that you’re doing a movement that will benefit you in more ways than one.

upper body strength
Iron Gym Workout Bar
A multi function training bar focused on upper body.

4. Resistance Bands These come in every shape and size, and can be used for everything from stretching to strength training. Typically the lighter the color, the lighter the resistance, but take note of whichever company you buy from since this can vary. Resistance bands can be shut in a doorway, hung on a pull up bar, or even wrapped around a tree in your yard. They are great for when you want to move your workout just about anywhere. Getting a set with varying levels of resistance is suggested to mix up your workouts.

cross fit resistance bands
Black Mountain Resistance Exercise Bands
Cross fit resistance bands- ideal for any training.


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