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I Tried It: A Three-Day Bone Broth and Green Juice Cleanse

Why bone broth and green juice is the new peanut butter and jelly. (Hear us out, won't you?)

Healthy eaters typically incorporate bone broth and/or green juice into their diet for similarly beneficial reasons: Both provide a multitude of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that fuel brain functionality and power cells. What a lot of these healthy eaters may not know, however, is the importance of including both of these kinds of staples in your diet at once: Healthy fat (see: bone broth, butter coffee) needs to be balanced with the alkalinity of fresh fruits and vegetables (hi, green juice!) to best optimize the absorption of nutrients in your body. Put differently: Your body can assimilate 40% more nutrients from any and all veggies and fruit eaten when paired with healthy fat. That’s a lot.

And so, in an effort to test the therapeutic effects of pairing healthy fat with leafy greens (and to see if such could be as enjoyable as eating a PB&J), I embarked on a 3-day bone broth and juice cleanse that looked something like this:

  • AM: Butter coffee, 16 ounces of bone broth
  • Mid-morning: 16 ounces of green juice
  • Mid-day: 16 ounces of bone broth
  • Mid-afternoon: 16 ounces of green juice
  • Evening: 16 ounces of green juice or green smoothie

Here’s how it went down. (Yes, I took notes for you.)

Day 1: All in all: Feeling pretty energized; not hungry, but a little light-headed. Felt way more grounded and settled after the first bone broth of the day. When I went to pick up my juices for tomorrow, I had a green smoothie and my life was changed forever. (OK, that’s a little dramatic but it was SO good and hearty.)

Day 2: With the hump of Day 1 behind me, Day 2 felt like smooth sailing. I tried to go for a smaller coffee this morning, but couldn’t drink it all before heading into yoga. A post-yoga bone broth and green juice settled my nerves and belly. Felt generally awesome from that healthy fat first thing in the am.

Went to a lunch event with some friends, so I decided to make my green juice into a smoothie to have something a bit more hearty to enjoy. I blended my green juice with half a banana, a handful of spinach and some mixed berries. Pure perfection: It kept me full and satisfied for several hours.

I feel light, clear, and grounded.

Day 3: Day 3 has arrived, and I feel really light and energetic today! Day 1 I did a 16 oz coffee, day 2 I did a 12 0z half decaf coffee, and today I’ll go for a full decaf butter coffee. (For anyone doing any sort of cleanse, I have found this to be a really effective way to ease off caffeine.)

I want to mention that I never, and I mean never, succeed at juice cleanses. I start off the same way —feeling really passionate and inspired as I buy the juices for a 5 day cleanse — but always by mid-day on day 1 I’m diving into a bag of chips. This cleanse, though!: The healthy fat from the grass-fed butter in my small morning coffee and daily bone broth sets me up for a smashing success. Not only do I see this cleanse through, but my skin is glowing, my belly is flatter, my eyes are clearer, and, most importantly, I feel back on track with my diet.  

Healthy fat and leafy greens for the win. (You in?)

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Bone broth and juice cleanse!


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