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To Consider: You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup

Spoiler: We are the cup. We must fill ourselves up.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

I don’t know exactly where this quote came from, but it was brought up a couple times throughout a yoga training I participated in this past weekend. The conversation explored the idea that many of us are so conditioned to give, give and give that we find ourselves exhausted, depleted, and uninspired. Even that we go as far as wearing the term “busy” like a badge of honor to prove we are up to important things. I know that I personally feel lazy or unproductive — that I should be doing something else more important — when I sit down to read a book, or take a bath, or go for a long walk in the sun. But why is it that way?

In order for us to have more to share with others and those we love, we must fill ourselves up so fully that we then cannot help but pour our love and care into others and those in need. This morning, this message is a simple and loving reminder to fill your own cup first, perhaps even literally — have a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning before anyone else gets up. Take time for you first — and then share from there.

As Danielle LaPorte says, “Self-care is a divine responsibility.”


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