'tis (still) the season

The Strategy: How To Eat Well Over The Holidays

Where there is a will, there is a way. (Aunt Sue and her famous pumpkin pie will understand.)

It’s the time of the year when we gather ’round our friends and loved ones to eat holiday treats, drink wine and be merry. Every single night. Here’s how to eat well over the holidays. (It IS possible. It just takes a bit of strategy.)

Catch some quality zzzz’s. Weirdly enough, making sure you get proper rest the night before you go to a holiday party may be the key to avoid overeating. Studies show that people who haven’t slept well tend to eat  more at dinners than those that have a good night’s sleep.

Choose your indulgences wisely. If you stick to the foods you know you really love, and make an effort to truly enjoy every bite, you can have your cake, and eat it too. (Literally.) It’s also a good idea to load your plate with that crudité to fill you up with nutrients and, of course, to just plain fill you up.

Limit your drinking. Sigh. We know. But too many glasses of wine / beer/ what have you often leads to overeating, so it is best to moderate those bevvies. And to prevent a hangover, select your drinks wisely, and have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. (More on that here.)


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