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Infused Water: A Few Tips, Tricks And Recommendations

Dressing up your H20 means you'll (probably) drink more of it.

We know that drinking water is crucial for our health, and, ultimately, our survival. We all also know that (for some of us) the enjoyment of drinking said water doesn’t necessarily come until you add a tea bag or piece of fruit, until you give that water a flavor. Cue infused waters, of course OUR favorite is kale infused water.

I have always struggled with my water intake, but found that infused waters allowed me a flavored drink without the processed sugars and additives found in the commercial varieties. Here are some useful tips and practices when making infused water of any kind.

  • Always use glass containers. I opt for Kilner or mason jars as they have the airtight seals.
  • Use cold filtered or bottled water as this helps to keep the fruit, herbs, and veggies in one piece.
  • Leave your softer fruits like berries and citrus quite chunky, whereas tougher fruit such as apples, pears etc. should be sliced fairly thin to allow the flavor to disperse quicker.
  • Leafy herbs and vegetables like kale should be torn to allow their flavour to be released.
  • A couple of great combinations to try? Lemon, raspberry & rosemary. Or watermelon, honeydew and mint.
  • It is important that you refrigerate your water after two hours of infusing, otherwise the room temperature poses risk for potential for growth of bacteria. I generally refrigerate my waters overnight, which allows the flavors to really infuse with the water. The waters are so refreshing that I tend to drink them straightaway throughout the day, but they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days.


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