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Perfect Summer Sangria, Why Coconut Oil Is Still Good For You And Other Links That Caught Our Eye

For your perusal as you sip your morning coffee/tea/matcha.

Wherein we share the stories and recipes and stuff and other such gems that caught our collective eye this week.

The cooling summer sangria recipe you’ll be sipping on all summer long: Perfect Summer Sangria.

If you’re curious: A rebuttal to the article sharing that coconut oil is unhealthy: Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

A Facebook recipe video for Watermelon, Cucumber & Jicama Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing (paleo, vegan & gluten-free).

Found: The best places in America to watch the total solar eclipse on August 21.

A Rainbow Unicorn Pizza recipe courtesy of our friend Jessie at CakeSpy.

And in case you missed it, a high vibe summer workout playlist and Dandelion Salad Sandwich recipe from Portland Chef Jenn Louise.



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