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Pickpocketing Monkeys & Reclining Buddhas: Where To Go In Phang Nga, Thailand

Wherein Kale.Life editor / digital nomad Carly escapes the (lovely) hustle and bustle of busy Phuket for a day.



After three incredible months exploring Bali, our travels have brought us to Thailand to explore all this glorious country has to offer. Of course, the best way we know to explore a new country is to hop in a rental car and set out on a roadtrip. Today, we set out from Phang Nga (just north of Phuket) and headed to check out the local sites.

First stop was the famed Buddha Caves (or Wat Suwan Kuha, as they are referred to locally). Here, you can pay tribute to a massive Buddha statue (usually along some Budddhist monks), as well as freely explore the incredible rock formations found in the 200,000-year-old cave. Be sure to keep your possessions close, however, as there are monkeys everywhere! Maybe even bring a couple bananas for the little guys so you have something to share with them upon arrival.

Next was a stop at Lampi Waterfall, a must-visit for those of you looking to be engulfed in the natural beauty of Thailand. After a few days of heavy rains, we had the luxury of having the whole place to ourselves. It was a little chilly, so we didn’t hop in the water, but on a sunny day, it would be the perfect spot to relax in fresh water. Bring snacks and walking shoes, and you can make a day out of it!

By the time we were wrapping up, it was nearly dark and we were ready for something to eat. Thailand is known for its markets and one of the best ones I found was in Khlok Kloi, away from the hustle, bustle, and tourism of Phuket.

At the markets you can find everything from fresh-caught local fish to roasted corn on the cob in a plastic cup (weird but tasty) to clothes and jewelry to fruits and veggies to Thai sweets—and, of course, just about all the meat-on-a-stick options you could imagine. You’ll revel in how much fresh food you can buy for so little while haggling with the locals. I just so happen to believe that the best days in Thailand end with a shopping trip at any of the local markets.

Try the itinerary above for a glorious, guaranteed day of exploration and adventure—and be sure to send photos if you do!


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