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PSA: You Should Make Mushroom Coffee A Part Of Your Daily Routine (Yes, Really)

Turns out mushrooms and coffee are actually an amazing combination. Who knew?

It’s sounds a bit weird, right? Mushrooms and coffee? Let me explain.

First, let’s clarify something: We are not talking about culinary mushrooms (like, say, a portobello) that you might find in your local market. We are talking medicinal mushrooms. (And no, these are not of the hallucinogenic variety, either!) Medicinal mushrooms are not a new fad (or what have you): They have endless uses and benefits. (Learn more over at Four Sigmatic’s (free!) mushroom academy. Yep.)

The really cool, really happy purveyor behind the coffee, Four Sigmatic, offers two varieties of mushroom coffee: Chaga with Cordyceps and Chaga with Lion’s Mane. Both varieties contain 40mg of caffeine, with directions to mix with seven ounces of hot water and blend with whatever else you desire. Each box contains ten packets of the coffee mix; the box size was smaller than what I expected but the pouches themselves are not very large as mushrooms are very potent.

natural energy all day long
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
With Lion’s Mane & Chaga for focus.

I had the opportunity to try both varieties: Chaga with Cordyceps is advertised as having extra energy boosting potential, while Chaga with Lion’s Mane is specifically suggested for a brain boost around concentration, memory and focus.

Being a full-time student, I was sold on the idea of brain-boosting benefits, and reached for the Lion’s Mane version first. I really wanted to experience the flavor, so black is how I tried it. The taste was smooth, creamy, and (surprisingly!) did not taste anything like mushrooms. I started a usual Sunday morning study session, and I can say, without a doubt, I was SO impressed. I was able to focus for significant periods of time, and my recall was dramatically better.

The next time around, I did want a bit more caffeine, so I mixed the packet into an already-brewed coffee, which gave me an extra “punch” of energy, but maintained the clearheadedness and lack of nervous jitters.

Next up was the Cordyceps version. (Both varieties of the coffee tasted the same to me, as the mushroom flavor is not prominent.) I tried variations of timing with the Cordyceps blend, taking it first thing in the morning or prior to a workout. The most significant impact I noticed was having no afternoon crash. Typically, I drink two cups of coffee per day, but I found I could drink the Cordyceps blend alone and experience sustained energy for the entire day.

get fired up
Four Sigmatic Organic Mushroom Elixir Mix
Made with Cordyceps for energy.

I suggest mushroom coffee for anyone wanting an extra nutrient boost in their morning coffee,or looking to decrease coffee intake. The price is fair for the benefits, and it is definitely less expensive than a latte from your favorite coffee drive-through.

The verdict? Consider adding mushrooms to your morning ritual.


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