Quick: Let Out A Really Big Sigh Right Now (And Nine Other Ways To Be More Mindful Today)

It is easier (and more rewarding!) than you may think.

1. Wake up and stretch. Don’t go straight to your phone or run to hop in the shower. Give yourself five minutes of stretching, checking in, and pausing before you start your day.

2. Eat lunch without electronics or distractions around. Savor your food, and if you have company, enjoy their presence as well!

3. Walk (or drive) in silence. Take in the sounds and sights around you, whatever they might be. Notice what’s hard about being in silence, and if discomfort arises, breathe into it.

4. Look up! Take at least one trip outside today, look up and take a deep breath in. Just this might be enough to ground you for the rest of your day.

5. Notice the details. Feel what the texture of your clothes feels like on your body, or notice the patterns on a flower. Slow down enough to take in the little things you may usually miss.

6. Take ten deep breaths. Especially helpful if you’re feeling anxious, but also nice to do at any time. Breathing deeply helps relax our nervous system, loosens the tension in our bodies, and settles our minds.

7. Listen. Whether it be in conversation with your friends, the sound of the city, or maybe a bird chirping outside. Take a few minutes to actively listen to the world around you.

8. Close your eyes. Use the heels of your hands to lightly press down onto your eyes, and hold for about 30 seconds. This little reset can help us pause, and also relieves everyday eye strain.

9. Let a big sigh out! We hold a lot of tension in our chests, often without noticing it’s even there. Letting a big, audible sigh out helps release and soften the chest and heart area.

10. Show gratitude. Even for tiny, little things. Take a quick second to reflect on how thankful you are for your lunch today, the ability to get out of bed, or your loved ones. Just a quick acknowledgement of the good in your life can raise your happiness level.


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