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What To Do In Bangkok, According To A Local: Fifteen Things To Eat, See And Do

He had us at "street food". Here, what to do in Bangkok (even if just during your layover!).

When I landed in Bangkok, two things came immediately to mind:

Can I eat Pad Thai for breakfast?


Are those power lines for real?

Bangkok is Asia’s hectic and lively answer to America’s city that never sleeps. I caught up with a friend, Panawan (พณาวรรณa), who lives and works in Bangkok, to get a local Thai perspective on this vibrant hub.

If you make it to Thailand, you will no doubt fly through Bangkok. Make it more than an extended layover: You won’t be disappointed by its gorgeous temples, colorful flowers, night markets, or the food scene.

Thanks for the recommendations, Panawan!

Top three tourist spots in Bangkok?

1. Wat Phra Kaew temple.

2. Erawan Shrine.

3. A Chao Phraya River tour. Hop on with an official tour guide or just on a ferry. A ride across this river that runs through BKK is a must!

Top three restaurants in Bangkok?

1. Somtom Amorn (Thai esarn spicy foods!)

2. Charley Browns (Mexican – yes in BKK!)

3. Sala Rattanakosin (Insane views of the water, too!)

Healthiest spot to grab dinner?

Absolute Fit Foods

Any wellness tricks specific to Thailand?  

Fresh herbs are present in almost every traditional Thai dish. Lemongrass, coconut, and coconut oil are my favorites, and they are good for your skin.

What should people from afar be most open to when in Thailand?

Original Thai Cuisine!

Favorite thing about Bangkok?

Cheap street food, 24 hours a day.

Best street food scene?

Talad Rod Fai (Railways night Market)

Least favorite thing about Bangkok?


What do locals do for fun?

Local night market and movie.

Advice for someone taking a quick trip to the city? 

You can find a good quality food, from the street vendors to rooftop of luxury hotels! Try them both.

What about someone with a bit more time? 

River Kwai River, and the waterfall in Kanchanaburi at Erawan National Park.


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